Linkatopia 2.0

This site was created by Robert Giordano back in 2006 while he was listening to a lot of trance and checking his MySpace Top 8. Back then, Linkatopia was good for keeping all of your favorite websites organized.

Fast forward to 2020. MySpace is dead and everyone is using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. None of those sites let you organize all of your links and even worse...

Many sites will censor your links
and even punish you for posting them!

with Linkatopia you can:

  • FREELY Post ALL your social links... Twitter, TikTok, Etsy, OnlyFans, Cashapp, etc.
  • Let your friends know when you're in FB Jail, or had your IG deleted and made a new one.
  • Keep fans away from FAKE profiles! List all official and backup accounts on your Linkatopia.
  • Share ALL of your social media with a single QR CODE, at events, cons, shows, etc.
  • Easily COPY/PASTE your links into texts, messenger, emails, etc.
  • Share PRIVATE links with people in your friends list.

More details:

  • Are you trying to promote your content without being banned? Use Linkatopia to share all of your promotional links on Facebook, Instgram, and other social media without being put in "jail" or having your posts or account deleted.
  • Share ALL of your social media links with anyone you meet just by showing them a single QR code on your phone. At Linkatopia we create our own QR codes on our own servers so they won't ever change. Promote your business by sharing your social media, web site, sales, specials, or anything else. Print your QR code on cards, menus, or flyers to hang on your walls or windows.
  • Share private links with just your friends (we've always had this feature!). Keep private links organized and off your public page. Share them with people in your Linkatopia friends list or easily copy/paste any of your links with just 2 clicks- click the 3-dot menu on any link, then select "COPY LINK". Now it's ready to paste into a text, msg app, or email.
  • Customize the layout of your page like you did with MySpace back in the day. We'll also have a library of themes to choose from if you don't like playing with code. COMING SOON!
  • Linkatopia 2.0 has a lot more coming! Stay Tuned!!

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Organize Your Favorites

Do you have a bunch of web sites in your "favorites" on various computers and browsers? Have you been at work and wished you had access to the links you've saved on your home computer? Have you ever been at a friend's house and wished you could remember that cool web site you put in your favorites last week? Would you like to share your bookmarks and favorite web sites with your friends but keep them hidden from everyone else?

Linkatopia Themes

Want your Linkatopia page to match your web site or blog? You can select from a growing number of designs in our themes gallery or you if you know a little CSS, you can make your own stylesheet. read more >

Click a theme to see how it works:

Relaunching in 2021

It's September 2020 and we're hard at work, upgrading this site a piece at a time. A number of people have been using this site since 2007 and now we've decided to bring Linkatopia into the age of social media. While Linkatopia's primary function is a bookmark manager, we'll be adding new features like a mobile app, social media integration, expanded import functions, and more. Stay tuned by checking the Linkatopia Blog >

What are you waiting for? Linkatopia is awesome!!

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"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."

-Oscar Wilde 


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