About Linkatopia

Linkatopia is a free utility where you can keep all of your "favorites", bookmarked web pages, and notes online. Create a "Friends List" and share your links exclusively with those members.

Why You Need It

Linkatopia has a simple interface with some vey useful options...

  • consolidate all of your favorites and bookmarks from multiple computers, browsers, and operating systems.
  • organize your links to web sites, music, videos, online games and more. Spend less time finding information you already looked up before.
  • share your favorite web sites with your friends, co-workers, or the world. Why email links to people when they can visit your Linkatopia page?
  • personalize your favorites with notes, ratings, and more. When you share a computer with other people, keep your bookmarks separate and private.
  • never lose your favorites and notes when you buy a new computer, install a new operating system, or replace a damaged hard drive.

You Like Your Privacy!!

The privacy features of Linkatopia are one thing that sets it apart from other Bookmark Managers. Sharing all of your links with the world is great but some links you may want to keep to yourself. Each time you save a link, you can select one of these options:

  • public links are the ones you share with the world. Promote your web site, your mom's web site, whatever.
  • friends only links are visible to the people you have placed in your list of friends and no one else. Share business information between you and your team members or keep personal information just between you and your friends.
  • private links are only visible to you after you're logged in. Sometimes you don't want other people knowing what sites you visit.

Will I see Ads?

Yes, you'll see some ads from Google but nothing annoying, distracting, or that takes away from the functionality of this utility. There are absolutely NO popups, pop-unders, or anything else stupid like that. We like things the same way you like them, clean and simple.

For more information about your privacy, read our privacy policy.

What about other Bookmark Managers?

Linkatopia creator, Robert Giordano says,

"There are a couple of really popular Bookmark Managers out there -- you know the ones I'm talking about. I don't use them because I don't want to share all of my links with the rest of the world. Many of my links are private and others I only want to share with my friends. Linkatopia gives me these options in a nice, simple interface. I can still share some of my links with the world and I can use "tags" to organize them like the other folksonomies do.

Two other features I like about Linkatopia are the flexible "Tag" names and link "Ratings". I don't know why "Tags" in other Bookmark Managers are limited to a single word, but it probably has something to do with the techno culture they arose from. In my humble opinion, tags used for categories are not the same as HTML tags and shouldn't be limited to a single word like the latter. If I want to use the tag "Web 2.0 Apps" in Linkatopia, I can. Link Ratings let me show others how much I like certain links. Once I've stored hundreds of links, ratings even remind me which links I like best.

Linkatopia is brand new as of May 1, 2006 so a few features have yet to be added. So far, I've uploaded all of my links from 2 browsers on each of my 3 computers and I've been enjoying it every day since. "

No Prescription Necessary!

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Here are some of the features you'll enjoy with your FREE Linkatopia membership. Many of the Top Features are exclusive to Linkatopia...

Top Features

  • Link privacy options
  • Tag privacy options
  • Friends list with privacy
  • Profile with avatars
  • Profile privacy options
  • Search for friends, links, or tags
  • Browser toolbar buttons
  • Custom skins and layouts
  • HTML chat room

Link Options

  • Link titles are suggested automatically.
  • Enter notes containing simple HTML.
  • Rate each of your links with 1 to 5 stars.
  • Sort links by date added, title, or rating.
  • Edit the dates of links to re-order them.
  • Easily copy public links from other members.
  • Link privacy: public, shared, or private.
  • Coming Soon:
    Import favorites from your browser.

Tag Options

  • Assign one or more tags to each link.
  • Use letters, numbers, spaces, and -._
  • Tag descriptions, up to 60 characters.
  • View tags in columns or as a block.
  • Easily rename any tag at any time.
  • Tag privacy: public, shared, or private.

Your Profile

  • Write a short bio about yourself.
  • Choose an avatar in one of 5 sizes.
  • Easily add or delete friends.
  • Add a description for each friend.
  • Customize your profile with skins.

Linkatopia doesn't bite!

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