Friendly Advice

We're fairly relaxed here at Linkatopia. What you bookmark is entirely up to you. One of the main reasons we started Linkatopia was to provide the privacy options that other bookmarking sites lack... at least until they copy us. We really only ask two things:

  1. If you bookmark something you wouldn't want your grandmother or your kids to see, keep that stuff private. If no one can see it but you, no one can complain.

  2. Use Linkatopia for what is was intended to be -- a utility for keeping a list of your personal bookmarks and sharing them with friends. Do NOT spam our site or create multiple profiles with the same links. Our moderators will flag your account for deletion and WILL BLACKLIST the sites you are trying to promote.

If you want the details, please read our Terms of Service.

Promoting Yourself is Good

Linkatopia is a great way to promote yourself, your band, your web site, and your friends' web sites. One of the first things you should do is list your web site or blog in your bio. The next thing you should do is add all of your personal links like your MySpace, Flickr, LiveJournal, Blogger, and so on in your Linkatopia and "tag" all of them with About Me. This will help other Linkatopia members find you and it will help your search engine ranking. What you SHOULD NOT do is try to cheat the system or promote spam.

Reporting Abuse

Unfortunately there are always a few people who tend to spoil things for everyone else. We encourage you to report anyone who is abusing the system but don't get carried away. Before you contact us, please make sure to read this list. If you're chewing gum, please stop first and then read the list. =)

Please contact us if:

  • You see an account that looks like SPAM
    - All of the links go to the same site and use the same tags.
    - There are too many tags for a small number of links, like 40 tags for 10 links.
    - The content looks similar to email spam and tries to sell you something.
    - You see more than one account with identical spam links.

    - A person listing pages in their blog is NOT SPAM if they play by the rules.
    - A company listing pages on their site is NOT SPAM if they play by the rules.

    For example, Microsoft could sign up as a user named "Vista" and list pages about Windows Vista. This would NOT be considered spam as long as they didn't create duplicate accounts with the same links or try to flood the database with hundreds of new tags. To learn more, read this Wikipedia article about link spam.
  • You see content that is inappropriate for minors
    - We will simply ask that member to make those links private.
  • You see content that violates a copyright or trademark
    - We will investigate and contact the appropriate parties.


  • Privacy extends in BOTH directions. We will not contact you to tell you what action we took and we will not tell any member who complained.
  • Moderators do not have the ability to ban or delete members. They can only "flag" members as having violated our Terms of Service. An administrator will periodically review flagged accounts and take appropriate action. All decisions of an administrator are final.
  • Do not abuse the privilege to report abuse or you will be banned.

To report abuse, please use the contact form.