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All of the help pages are currently being rewritten and updated for the 2022 site. Many of the old help pages were outdated and had the wrong information. While the functionality of the original 2007 site has remained, the interface has gone through many updates and there are many new features.

I've also switched from static pages to the same new blogging system where I write these posts. This allows me to work on help pages from anywhere.

Today, I completed these 2 pages:
Getting Started
Privacy Settings

I have many, many more help pages to write but I'm also still building the site and adding features. Sometimes it's hard to write documentation about a feature you haven't finished yet. I'm trying to make the site super easy to use but if you can't figure something out, just ask me.

I think proper documentation for any app or platform is super important, so I'll be constantly editing and improving these pages. As always, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. If you see any typos, let me know. If anything is confusing, let me know. I really want Linkatopia to be user friendly and convenient.



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