Larger Website Icons

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Linkatopia now displays larger 32x32 favicons for all sites when they are available. If a site provides an SVG favicon, it will be favored over other types. Linkatopia has its own way of caching favicons and I developed this method to speed up page loading times, especially when most people are using the same set of popular social media and content sharing sites.

a diagram showing a list of popular social media sites supported by Linkatopia, and the 32 x 32 favicon for each site

Here are some of the larger 32x32 icons for common sites that Linkatopia members use. The sites you see here are also part of Linkatopia's "Supported Sites" because the icons are permanently cached and I'll be adding extra features like previews, feeds, and API connections in the future. To see an updated list of supported sites, you can always visit Freddy the Cat's page.

There's A LOT more coming!! Stay tuned!


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