New Dedicated Servers

- by Robert Giordano | Blog Index

Am I serious about Linkatopia?

I just spent the past month talking to a number of dedicated server providers in order to meet the needs of Linkatopia as it grows. It was a difficult search and I talked to quite a few people, both on the phone and in forums like

I wanted decent hardware with SSDs and plenty of RAM. I wanted a modern, secure data center with a good rating. I wanted the option to install my own OS because we do not use cPanel, Plesk, or any type of control panel. Finally, I wanted a host with fair pricing so I can expand in the future. I decided to go with HIVELOCITY.

These servers are not for bulk hosting. They are primarily for the Linkatopia web app, its databases, and supporting files. As of today, is running on one of the new servers. It represents my commitment to the project.

One final thing... I may have mentioned this before but building this thing is not easy. I spend hundreds of hours each month, working on code behind the scenes. The LAST thing on my mind is updating this blog, LOL. That being said, I'm going to try to keep it up to date on a more regular basis.