Profile photos are Back!!

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a collage of several Linkatopia screenshots showing different profile picture shapes and border colors

Profile pictures are back!! Your Linkatopia profile pic is slightly bigger than Facebook and 50% bigger than Instagram. You can go to your Settings and upload a new profile picture right now.

Also, I like the round shape for most things, but what if you want to use your logo and it doesn't fit well inside a circle? You don't have a choice on other platforms. I always thought it was kind of annoying so I've added a simple checkbox to your settings if you want to use a square profile pic instead of a round one. You can also switch back and forth without having to upload the picture again!

What about the border color? Well, a white border works for the other platforms but they don't offer custom themes and they don't let you change the background color of your page. Many people don't care and that's fine. You can leave it white. But for those who want to customize their page, setting a custom border color is just the first step.

As always, you can use Linkatopia as a bookmark manager. That's how I've been using it since 2006 when I first built this site. But as other platforms continue to clamp down on what THEY DECIDE are the "Community Standards" I want to give you the ability to express yourself creatively on your Linkatopia page. If you remember MySpace and how we used to wildly customize our pages with CSS, I want to bring that back!!


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