Profile photos are gone... temporarily

- by Robert Giordano | Blog Index

I have temporarily removed profile pictures because they are going to be much better when I add them back into your settings. Once I finish the new settings, you'll be able to upload a profile picture instead of only being able to link to a photo on another site. They will also be larger and will be part of a more modern layout that's focused on mobile devices.

Originally, when this site was simply a bookmark manager, I didn't feel the profile picture was an important part of the site. Users were only allowed to link to a profile picture that was hosted on another site. This worked fine at the time because most people had a profile picture on MySpace or a blog.

Now, I'm going to set up an image server so we can all upload photos specifically for Linkatopia and they will be hosted on https so there are no issues with using insecure content on secure pages, etc. Hosting the images separately also allows the site to scale as it grows.

Cool things are coming!! Watch for them!




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