Beta Testers Wanted!

- by Robert Giordano | Blog Index

I'm currently rebuilding Linkatopia and I want to make it the best social media platform for managing all of your links and sharing them with friends. If we're friends or I know you in real life, I'd love to give you a free, Premium account.

Eventually I want to make some money with this site, but beta testers will always have a FREE premium account for life. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to monetize the site but I want to do it right and I want to give people choices. There will be different account levels and there will always be a free level with limited features. For Premium accounts, I might offer a choice to have targeted ads OR pay a small annual fee, like $19/year for no ads. I'm open to suggestions.

I'm not sure what other social media sites are thinking when they change the layout or come up with "community standards" that make no sense. I want to get feedback from you! Tell me what features you actually want!! Before I open the site up again to public registrations, I want to create a small but diverse community of people who agree that censorship is a bad idea. We will not agree on some topics but that's the reality of the world we live in.

I'm ***NOT*** trying to turn Linkatopia into the next Facebook or Instagram. This site is designed to help you organize your links and the overwhelming amount of information we come across as we search the internet for ideas, news, recipes, art, instructions, or products.

Are you on a dozen different social media platforms? Linkatopia gives you an easy way to share some of all of them with a single link. Meet someone cool in a coffee shop or at the store? Show them a QR code on your phone and instantly share ALL of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Website, or OnlyFans links. See my page for an example.

Don't like social media? You can set your entire account to private and simply use Linkatopia to manage and organize your bookmarks. No one will find you. No one will message you.

If you don't use social media and you never bookmark any web sites, then Linkatopia probably isn't for you. And that's okay. As much as I want beta testers, I also want people who can benefit from the site. I want this web site to help you, but if it can't then I don't want to sell you something you don't need.

Right now, I just want people I know in real life. If I know you or we've met in person and you want an account, please send me the username you want and your email address. I will create your account and set it to the Premium level. I will send you an email with a secure password. Once you sign in, you can reset your password if you wish.

Premium accounts have all features enabled, and will include all features I add in the future. All limits, such as the number of links you can save, number of friends, etc. are set to UNLIMITED.

Beta Testers STILL HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE TERMS OF SERVICE!! This means you cannot post anything illegal, hateful, etc. Please take a moment to read the Terms of Service, especially items 14 and 15. This is another reason why I want to start off with people I know.

Once your account is set up, please use it any way you wish. You can add me as a friend or not. Unlike Tom from MySpace, I'm not going to automatically add myself to your friends list, lol.

I'm still rebuilding the site and some features don't work yet or still have problems or "bugs". If you find problems, please tell me so I can fix them! If there's a feature you want, please let me know and I might add it. I want to keep the site simple and easy to use.

But I also want some features I don't have on Facebook or any of the other sites. I want to be able to customize my page like I did on MySpace. I already made it so you can set your profile picture to round or square, whatever works better for you. You can even turn your profile picture off completely if you don't want one. These are just a couple of examples of how I'm building this site. I'm building it so each of us can choose how we want it to look and function. Isn't that how it should be?


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