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Hey Everyone,

As we continue to upgrade the site, you may experience certain features not working, or you may see errors. While some have already asked why we aren't doing updates on a duplicate version of the site, there are a number of reasons we're doing it this way.

CURRENTLY there is a bug where new links don't appear in your list of links, but if you try to save the same link again, it says the link has already been saved. I just saved a link for myself and I can confirm your links ARE being saved. There is a security issue with displaying new links. By default, NO LINKS are shown, then the system decides whether to display links, based on whether you are logged in, or you are viewing a friend's page and that person has added you to their friends list, and so on. I should have this bug fixed later tonight.

While Design215 Inc. is my company, Linkatopia is one of my personal projects. I still use it almost every day because it does what I need it to do and I don't have to worry about the security of the links I save, or if Google (or another third party) is going to use the links I save as PRIVATE, for their own MARKETING purposes.

As a daily user, I want to upgrade the site in place, and test it with my own live account. The Linkatopia database tables are HUGE and I don't want to constantly replicate all those tables. But I also want to make it clear that ALL OF OUR DATA IS BEING BACKED UP regularly.


Robert Giordano


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