OnlyWire Under New Management

- by Robert Giordano | Blog Index

Linkatopia recently spoke to Ryan Rouland and Craig Lurey, the new owners of and they assured us that their multi-bookmarking service will no longer be used as a spamming tool. We learned that several important features have been added to prevent abuse by spammers. OnlyWire was acquired by Snipitron LLC in July 2008.

In the past, we had warned against using OnlyWire's multi-bookmarking service because of the volume of spam coming from their service, and because no one at OnlyWire would answer our emails. Since our last conversation with the new owners, we are removing the warnings against using OnlyWire.

We still caution against using multi-bookmarking services to manipulate search engine rankings. We feel this is unethical and that search engines should remain a level playing field. If you have a business or a product to sell, you should pay for advertising like everyone else. If you have good content, and a properly constructed web site, your search engine rank will rise as more people seek out your content and link to it.

As we've said before:
1) Do NOT create multiple accounts on Linkatopia with the same links.
2) Do NOT post a bunch of links to the same web site.
3) Do NOT abuse multi-bookmarking sites to post SPAM.
4) Do NOT create a dozen identical web sites or blogs with the same spam content and list them on Linkatopia.


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