Linkatopia and SEO

- by Robert Giordano | Blog Index

Recently we've been reading a few blogs about social bookmarking, SEO, and link spam. At Linkatopia, we don't think SEO is evil and we've always encouraged people to make their own sites be the first ones they save in Linkatopia. At the same time, we won't put up with those who are simply abusing our free site.

Please Do NOT:
1) create multiple accounts with the same links. It won't help you and your accounts will be deleted.
2) post a bunch of links to the same site in your account if its just the same spam trying to sell us something.
3) sign up on 15 different social bookmarking sites and use some automated bot to spam all 15 sites with the same links.
4) create a dozen identical web sites or blogs with the same spam content and list them on Linkatopia.

Again, we encourage you to promote your original, quality content on Linkatopia. All we ask is that you respect the other members and play by the rules.