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Find popular links quickly
Tags are keywords that members have used to identify their links and make them easy to find later. Now you can search for links by entering the name of a tag in your browser address bar. Enter a URL like linkatopia.com/tag/music and you'll see the most recent items Linkatopia members have tagged with "Music". Even better is the fact that you can enter a few letters and Linkatopia will automatically search for a matching tag. Try linkatopia.com/tag/edgar

Focus on Privacy
We didn't have this feature immediately due to the complex security issues it presented. Unlike many sites where the goal is to share everything with the public, Linkatopia's focus is privacy. This means items will not appear in the "Popular Tags" list if they are part of a private profile, a private tag, or if any links themselves are set to private. Yes, it was tricky but we figured it out. =)


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