Freddy the Cat

Hi I'm a real cat. Humans call me Freddy. Rob made this account for me so I could help all of you BETA TESTERS. You should go upload your profile pictures and then bring me snacks!!

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I Can Has Cheezburger? - Funny Animals Online - Cheezburger

This might be my favorite web site of all time, although it haz WAY TOO MANY ads now.

  | Dec 9, 2020


Real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere - the world of weblogs. Lists top 100 blogs.

  | May 24, 2006

  | May 9, 2006

Dave Shea

An influential web designer who promotes web standards with his project, the CSS Zen Garden.

  | May 9, 2006


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