Recent Posts by Approved Members

In order to protect the world from "link spam", Linkatopia has implemented several account types. Anyone can sign up for a free Linkatopia account but in order to be listed on this page and the homepage, your account has to be approved by a moderator. Selected members who have consistently contributed to Linkatopia or who have been a part of its creation will have a   next to their username.

Approved accounts have more options and are allowed more storage space for links.
To be approved:

  • Your most recent login must be at least 30 days after your account was created. This eliminates people who sign up just to post 2 or 3 links, then disappear.
  • You must save at least 10 links to different web sites that are not in our spam database. We've been building this database for the past year, thanks to the spammers. =)

After these things are accomplished, simply ask us and a moderator will review your account for approval.

Instant Approval
Simply have a friend who is an approved member ask us to approve you and you're in!