Accepting Beta Testers!!

01 Oct 2020

We are accepting beta testers for Linkatopia 2.0:

  • Beta Testers will receive a free, premium account with all features enabled, for life*. We are accepting beta testers for personal accounts as well as "Pro" accounts for your company or brand.
  • As a beta tester, the only thing we ask is that you help test new features, give us feedback, and make suggestions to improve the site.
  • If you know Robert Giordano personally, ask him to create a Beta Tester account for you. This is the easiest way to become a beta tester. Otherwise, we have to verify you are a real person, or you are the official spokesperson for your company.
  • Existing Linkatopia accounts will continue to work! You can already test some of the new features as we roll them out. However, your account may not receive all of the new, premium features.

New Registrations Offline

We need time to rebuild the new site and add some safeguards to prevent spammers from filling the site with junk. We refuse to give in to spammers like so many of the other "social bookmarking" sites that turned into nothing more than spam havens and then died off in 2008. We are serious about eliminating SPAM from Linkatopia!

Linkatopia is Fighting Censorship!

Many social media sites are censoring your posts and links. At the same time we're fighting against spam, we do NOT want to censor anyone's content! This means we have to develop a system that can tell the difference between spam and links to your OnlyFans or other similar accounts.

We want everyone to be able to promote themselves and it's not our job to judge you or your content. As long as your content is LEGAL and does not violate our TOS then, we will not censor your links!

What is Link Spam?

Link spammers post links to their own sketchy web pages on as many other sites as possible in order to increase their rank in search engines. They create multiple accounts with the same links by using disposable email addresses. They generally do not care about any of the communities they post to and simply take advantage of free sites like Linkatopia. These are not useful or enjoyable links. They are pages that try to scam you with misleading information. You can read more in this Wikipedia article.

If you recently spammed our site in an effort to promote your web site or pages, take note that while your account will be deleted, your web sites are saved in a separate SPAM database. This list is then shared with Google(TM), Yahoo(TM), and other online communities. If you want to get your sites blacklisted, please continue to spam our site. You're helping us remove your sites from internet searches.

- Please check the News for recent updates.

Thanks for your patience!

*Some restrictions apply. For example, you cannot violate our TOS and you cannot transfer a lifetime account to another person or another company.