New Registrations Offline

Due to a recent attack on our servers, we are not accepting any new members right now. We need time to add some safeguards to prevent this type of attack in the future. When we finish the new registration system, automated registration will be available again. We refuse to give in to spammers like so many of the other "social bookmarking" sites that turned into nothing more than spam havens and then died off in 2008. See this blog post for details about the recent attack.
We are serious about eliminating SPAM from Linkatopia!

What is Link Spam?

Link spammers post links to their own web pages on as many other sites as possible in order to increase their rank in search engines. They create multiple accounts with the same links by using disposable email addresses. They generally do not care about any of the communities they post to and simply take advantage of free sites like Linkatopia. These are not useful or enjoyable links. They are pages that try to sell you something, and in many cases give misleading information. You can read more in this Wikipedia article.

If you recently spammed our site in an effort to promote your web site or pages, take note that while your account will be deleted, your web sites are saved in a separate SPAM database. This list is then shared with Google(TM), Yahoo(TM), and other online communities. If you want to get your sites blacklisted, please continue to spam our site. You're helping us remove your sites from internet searches.

- Please check the News for recent updates.

Thanks for your patience!