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This page is for testing new features that are in development

Add to Linkatopia Popover, June 30, 2006, updated July 17, 2006
This Web 2.0 bookmarklet creates a draggable dialog box inside almost any web page. It eliminates the problems associated with standard popup windows. So far it works perfectly in IE6 Win, Firefox Win/Mac, Opera 7 Win, and Safari.

Drag this link to your toolbar -> Linkatopia Popover beta v1.2

(Internet Explorer: right-click, Add to Favorites, Save in "Links" folder)


  • After looking at dozens of other bookmarking sites, including, and lists of bookmarklets on third party sites, it appears that Linkatopia is one of the first sites to do anything like this!!
  • Works with most standards compliant sites.
  • On a long page, the dialog will appear at your current position.
  • In Opera 7.5, there is no transparency and the dialog goes "underneath" Google ads. Otherwise, functionality is not affected. Opera 9 has transparency.
  • Does not work well with 100% Flash sites, although the script attempts to hide Flash movies when launched. For example, the Dialog works fine on the Philips bodygroom site because the page is not 100% Flash.
  • Does not work with sites that use frames. We're working on it.
  • Does not work in IE5 Mac or Netscape 4. Who cares, right?