Browser Buttons

We made some Linkatopia "buttons" for your browser's toolbar. These buttons let you save sites to your Linkatopia page just as easily as saving them in your browser. Just follow the directions below...

  My Linkatopia Opens your Linkatopia page

  Linkatopia Popup Add to Linkatopia Popup v1.5
Opens a popup window so you can save the link without leaving the page you're on. If you have a popup blocker, remember to allow popups from We DO NOT have any popup advertisements!

  Add to Linkatopia Add to Linkatopia Popover v1.2
Really Cool!! Creates a dialog box within the page you're on. Eliminates problems associated with regular popup windows.

This may not work at all on some sites because of newer security policies that help protect against XSS attacks. You may HAVE to use the Linkatopia POPUP button, until I figure out a better solution.

Firefox and Safari:

  • Make sure you're logged in and the Firefox Toolbar is visible.
  • Drag the button to the Firefox toolbar.

Internet Explorer:

  • Make sure you're logged in and the IE Links Toolbar is visible.
    (If you don't see it, go to View -> Toolbars and make sure "Links" is checked).
  • Right-click the button you want to install and select "Add to Favorites...".
  • You may get a warning that says:

    You are adding a Favorite that may not be safe.
    Do you want to continue?

    Click "Yes". Its totally safe. IE thinks it may not be safe because the link contains some Javascript. All it does is send the URL, title, and selected text from the current site to your Linkatopia page.
  • When the "Add to Favorites" dialog appears, select the "Links" folder. If you don't see a list of folders, click the "Create in..." button.

Linkatopia buttons in the Firefox toolbar
Toolbar buttons in Firefox

Linkatopia buttons in the Internet Exploder toolbar
Toolbar buttons in Internet Explorer