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Cryptainer USB Encryption software to encrypt USB drives

Encrypt USB Flash Drive on any Windows PC with Cryptainer USB Encryption Software. Password Protect your files and folders on any portable drives. Send secure e-mail. Simple, Secure, Easy to use, drag and drop operation.

  | Dec 14, 2020

PickMeApp Installer - an ultimate application manager

PickMeApp Installer is a free software updater and application manager for everyone! Discover, download, install, upgrade, remove, capture and transfer software with just a few clicks!

  | Jul 27, 2020

Outbyte: How to speed up Mac and Windows computer

Clean and optimize your Mac or Windows laptop with Outbyte's software, your PC and Mac's cleaning software. Download the app today.

  | Jul 20, 2020

Data loss due to formatting is not a problem with UNFORMAT

UNFORMAT gives a unique possibility to restore lost data even after changing the file system. It has an automatic operability for user convenience and a simple, well thought-out UI design. UNFORMAT supports memory cards, PC hard drives, SSD and USB.

  | Jun 24, 2020

Secure Your Online Privacy with VyprVPN for Mac

VyprVPN for Mac provides you with several major advantages: private & anonymous web surfing, greatly improved security and the ability to circumvent any restrictions placed on your Internet connection by your service provider, employer or government.

  | Jun 21, 2020

Secure Erasure, Backup and Recovery with Active@ Boot Disk

Active@ Boot Disk provides you with all of the disk utilities combined rather than having to have multiple different programs. It allows you to boot up unworkable computers, create entire disk images, securely erase files and recover lost data.

  | Jun 18, 2020

Make Your Dreams of Radio Broadcasting a Reality

Whether you want to broadcast for fun or for money, SAM Broadcaster PRO provides everything you need to run your own online radio station. It includes a rich set of features that allows you to go from nothing to pro in almost no time at all.

  | Mar 30, 2020

AvePDF - Free Online PDF and Documents Tools

AvePDF is a free online software to fully manage PDF files, documents and images directly in a web browser. It provides sophisticated tools like hyper-compression, OCR and digital signature, with the highest level of security and confidentiality.

  | Mar 27, 2020

ACDSee Photo Studio Home - Keep Control Over Your Collection

ACDSee Photo Studio was developed to help you optimize, improve and share photos within one program so that you can enjoy complete control over your collection at the tap of a button. Streamline your workflow and keep track of everything with ACDSee!

  | Nov 29, 2019

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate - Creative Photography Software

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020, the ACD Systems flagship product, offers you unlimited creative freedom backed up by the latest technology. With this powerful software at your disposal, you no longer need to wait to enjoy stunning results.

  | Oct 25, 2019

VyprVPN - Fast and Secure Internet Connection

VyprVPN offers fast and reliable access to the Internet and greatly improved security. It gives you the ability to surf the Internet privately and circumvent any restrictions placed on your Internet connection.

  | Sep 27, 2019

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - 7 Powerful Products in 1

New System Mechanic Ultimate Defense presents 7 powerful products in 1 easy-to-use dashboard: System Mechanic Pro, Privacy Guardian, Malware Killer, ByePass, Password Manager System Shield, DriveScrubber, Search and Recover.

  | Sep 18, 2019

Canvas Draw - All-in-One Drawing Software for Mac

Canvas Draw provides a rich set of tools and compatibility with both raster and vector graphics formats. This powerful application helps you organize your projects and streamline workflows to improve productivity and minimize downtimes.

  | Sep 17, 2019

Manage PDF Files and Documents Online with AvePDF

AvePDF is a next-generation web application for processing PDF files, documents and images directly in a browser. It is built with security and confidentiality in mind, so no one, besides you, has access to your files during the whole process.

  | Sep 10, 2019

XLSTAT - Enhance Your Analytical Capabilities

XLSTAT integrates with Excel to make your research a much more pleasant. It also helps you to maximize your productivity and quality of your projects. Instead of just seeing the numbers and tables, data can be visualized for greater ease of use.

  | Sep 10, 2019

KMPlayer - We Play All

KMPlayer is a world-renowned multimedia player that can play movies, dramas, music, and other content with an average of 1.5 billion plays a month. KMPlayer 64X is a 8k video player optimized for high-end PCs.

  | Sep 6, 2019

Completely Destroy Sensitive Data with Active@ KillDisk

Active@ KillDisk is a powerful and easy-to-use program that allows you to securely erase sensitive information. Designed for users of any level of experience, it provides and easy yet reliable way to make the deleted data unrecoverable.

  | Aug 29, 2019

Listening Singing Teacher - Get Pitch Feedback- Sing in Tune

Listening Singing Teacher helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm. The visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness allow you to train your 'mental ear' by aiming the pitch in your head and adjusting your voice to produce the correct pitch.

  | Aug 14, 2019

Get the Lost Data Back with Active@ File Recovery

Active@ File Recovery provides you with everything you need to effectively recover deleted or damaged data. It supports many kinds of media including flash media such as the cards used in digital cameras and phones.

  | Jul 26, 2019

Killdisk Industrial - a Reliable Data Sanitization Solution

Killdisk Industrial is a secure data erasure solution, designed for large-scale usage. It supports parallel erasure of 100+ devices combined with support for hot-swappable operation to keep the sanitization workflow continuing without interruptions.

  | Jul 19, 2019

Keep Your Data Safe with Disk Image Software

Active@ Disk Image is one of the leading disk image solutions. It makes an exact & complete copy of almost any kind of media such as a HDD, flash drive or optical media. So, you no longer need to worry about data loss in case of computer failure.

  | Jul 18, 2019

Maiar - The Next-Generation Browser

Maiar is a fast and secure web browser that takes care of your online privacy and safeguards your browsing from advertisers, government surveillance operatives and cybercriminals alike.

  | Jul 15, 2019

Cryptainer LE - Free Encryption Software for Any Data

Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software allows you to encrypt any kind of data on any Windows PC for free. It is a secure, reliable and easy to use file encryption tool that creates encrypted 'vaults' were you can store any kind of data.

  | Jul 10, 2019 VPN for iOS - Fast and Reliable Free VPN App

Enjoy unrestricted access to the web from your Apple device. VPN for iOS is the fastest free VPN app available. It offers thousands of IPs from around the world and 256-bit encryption to protect your data, identity, privacy and anonymity.

  | Jul 9, 2019

Markzware - desktop publishing and data conversion innovator

Markzware presents desktop publishing & data conversion tools: FlightCheck (Preflight for Print), Q2ID (QuarkXpress to InDesign), ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXpress), PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign), ID Util (InDesign Previewer), MarkzTools2 (InDesign to IDML).

  | Jul 9, 2019