More Tips

  • Link to a specific tag on your page
    Very simple:

  • Always see your friends' latest links
    Each Linkatopia member page shows the newest links from that member when the page first loads. Want to show everyone a cool site you've found? Send them to your Linkatopia page and they'll see your most recent link at the top.

  • Copy any member's public links to your page
    Copying links from other members is really easy. Here's how:

    1. You must be logged in to your account before you can copy any links.
    2. Go to another member's page and find a link you want to copy.
    3. Click "copy" if you want to make any changes before you save it.
    4. Click "save" if you want to save the link, notes, and tags immediately.

    If you want to copy several links at once, using "save" is much faster because you don't have to navigate back to the other member's page after each one. If you want to make any changes to the notes, tags or privacy settings of another member's link before you save it, use "copy".

  • Use "Tags" to organize your links
    Tags are keywords or short phrases that let you organize your links into categories. They help you find your links later and also help when searching for links. If you want a link in several categories, just enter several tags separated with commas. Each time you create a new tag, it is saved in your tags list so you can easily select it for future links. More about tags >

  • Comment your tags
    Since tags are usually one or two words, their meaning can be vague. Is your tag, "Stars" about celebrities or astronomy? Add comments to your tags and explain what you mean. Tag comments appear under a tag when it is selected.

  • Rate your links
    By giving your links a rating, you can show others which links you like best. You can also use the rating system to put the links you use most often at the top of the list when you sort by rating.

  • Everyone in your friends list can see your shared links!
    When you add anyone to your friends list, they can see all of your "shared" links and tags. If you have links or tags you don't want anyone to see, set them to private.

  • Friend comments are only for you
    You can add a comment to each username you add to your friends list. Use comments to help you remember which username goes with which person. These comments do not appear anywhere else on the site. They are only visible to you.

  • Bookmark people you don't want in your friends list!
    If you want to remember another Linkatopia member's page but you don't know that person and don't want to give them access to your shared links, save that person's page in your links instead. Use the tag "Linkatopia" and set the link to private. They won't know that you've bookmarked them and they won't have access to the links you share with your friends.