Using RSS

Depending on who you ask, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary. Either way, an RSS "feed" is a fairly new technology that allows you to quickly receive small amounts of updated information from any number of sources.

Why is RSS cool?

RSS feeds save you time. Let's say you have 10 web sites you like to check every day. Maybe you check a couple of news sites for headlines, you look at a few blogs to see if they've been updated, and you check a couple of online stores to see if they have any new specials. How much time does it take to check all 10 of those sites?

If all 10 sites have RSS feeds, you would subscribe to the feeds and either use a newer browser like Firefox or one of many free news readers to read them. The reader goes out and gets the latest headlines, blog titles, and store specials from your 10 sites so you can see everything at a glance in seconds. You just saved a lot of time!

To learn more about RSS, read this article.

RSS in Linkatopia

This is the standard icon for RSS feeds. Look for it on Linkatopia.

Linkatopia offers a number of different feeds. On the welcome page you can subscribe to Linkatopia News or to the list of most recent members to post links. On each member's page, you can subscribe to that member's most recent links or to a different feed for each one of their tags.

For example, if you subscribed to several of your friends' RSS feeds, you could always see when any of them add new links without having to check each one of their pages. On your own Linkatopia, you could create a tag for your favorite links and subscribe to your own feed for that tag. In Firefox, you can put RSS feeds in your toolbar and have drop-down menus of your tags built into your browser. The menus automatically update when you update your Linkatopia.