Getting Started

Welcome to Linkatopia. Here's a few things you can do to get started...

1. Set your privacy options and preferences

On your Linkatopia page, under your username, you'll see a link called [edit profile]. You should definitely take a minute to look at this page and set the privacy options and preferences for your account. For more details about privacy options, see /help/privacy.

2. Add a short bio to your profile

While you're in the Profile Editor, why not say something about yourself so people looking at your links will know what to expect. If you say, "I'm a photographer", people might be more interested in your photography links. If you say, "I'm a doctor", people may want to see what medical links you like.

If you have a web site, or another page that you really want people to see, you should list it in your bio. No fancy HTML or anything is necessary, just write the name of your site and it will automatically become a link. If your profile is public, your bio will be indexed by Google and other search engines. This helps bring more people to your site.

3. Get buttons for your browser's toolbar

When you're surfing online and you find a great web site, blog, video, or article, you'll want to save it in your Linkatopia. If you add a Linkatopia button to your browser's toolbar, you won't have to do any copying and pasting and you won't have to leave the site you're on either. When you want to save a site, all you have to do is click a button! Nothing has to be downloaded or installed either. In Firefox, you can simply drag a Linkatopia button to your toolbar from the buttons page.

4. Post some links and tag them with "About Me"

One of the best ways to start your Linkatopia is by posting the links to your own pages. If you have a MySpace, Flickr, Blogger, LiveJournal, DeadJournal, FaceParty, Blurty, Orkut, LipstickParty, and so on, take one of them and add it.

Each time you add a link, you'll be asked to enter at least one "Tag". Tags are simply categories you create to organize your links. For your personal pages, enter the tag, "About Me" (without the quotes of course). You can add other tags like "Myspace", "Blogs" or whatever makes sense. For more info about using tags, see /help/tags.

After you get the hang of it, you'll want to learn about RSS Feeds...