FAQ: Tags

  • What are tags?
    Tags are keywords or topics like "photography", "shopping", or "web design". Tags help you organize your links into categories so you can find them later. To put a link in more than one category, use several tags separated with commas. more about tags >

  • What words should I use for my tags?
    Choose words that make good categories. Generally, you shouldn't create a tag if you're only going to use it once. For example, if you a link to your friend Mike's Myspace page, you could tag it with "myspace" and "friends pages". You wouldn't tag it with "Mike" unless he has several other links and needs his own category.

  • What are popular tags?
    Popular tags are the top 40 tags used on Linkatopia. It's a good idea to use tags in this list rather than creating your own because it helps other people find the best links. On the other hand, if you create great tags and enough people copy you, your tags will appear in the popular tags list.

  • How do I link to a specific tag on my page?

  • How do I link to a specific tag with links from all members?
    If the tagname you enter can't be found, Linkatopia searches for the closest tag.

  • Why do my tags change when I save them in upper or lower case?
    The first person to create the tag, determines the format of the tag. Only one copy of each tag name is stored in our database so whatever get saved first, sticks. We reserve the right to edit tags from time to time. For example, we don't like to see tags in ALL CAPS. An exception to this is the tag, "LOL".

  • Why did some of my tags disappear?
    If you edit your links and use different or new tags, you could end up with old tags that no longer point to any links. Linkatopia automatically removes rags that are no longer in use. You'll never see a tag in your list that has zero links. This helps you stay organized and it keeps our database tidy.

  • I set a tag to "Private". Why can people still see links with that tag?
    Setting a tag to "Private" makes all of the links with that tag private ONLY for the links that do not have other public tags. In other words, if a link has both a private tag and a public tag, the link will be public. If you set the link itself to "Private", no one can see it regardless of what tags it has.

FAQ: RSS Feeds

  • What is RSS?
    Please read this page.

  • What's the RSS link for my page?

  • What's the RSS link for any of my tags?

  • How can I use the RSS feed for a tag?
    Select any one of your tags and you'll see the orange RSS icon next to the tag name. By having a separate feed for each tag, people can subscribe to a specific topic within your links that interests them. For example, if you used the tag "blogs" for a list of the blogs you read, your friends could subscribe to the feed for that tag and see an updated list of your blog links.

  • How do I put the RSS feed for a tag in my Firefox toolbar?
    Because feeds for tags are dynamically generated. they can't be accessed from the feed icon in the Firefox address bar or status bar. You can do it by followng these steps:
    1. Click the feed icon so the XML page is displayed.
    2. Highlight the link in the address bar and copy it.
    3. From the Firefox menubar select: Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks...
    4. From the Bookmark Manager select: File > New Live Bookmark...
    5. In the dialog, paste the location of the feed that you copied.
    6. In the right hand pane of the Bookmark manager, drag the new Live
    Bookmark you just created, to the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

  • Why can't my friends see the RSS feed for my "shared" tag?
    The RSS feed for a "shared" tag can only be seen by the people in your friends list. Someone trying to view your "friends only" feed has to verify they are one of the people in your friends list. Unfortunately this can only be done with a browser that supports RSS. Your friends have to log in to their Linkatopia page and let their browser store a cookie that identifies them.

FAQ: Misc

  • How do I get people to save my page in their Linkatopia?
    Put "Save to your Linkatopia" buttons on your web site or blog!
    Promote your site or blog by giving people an easy way to add your page to their Linkatopia.

    Use this button:  Linkatopia.com

    1. Right-click and save the image, then upload it to your site.
    2. Add the following bit of code to your page:

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