Linkatopia CSS Design Contest

Besides being a great bookmarking utility, is a standards based site. When a web site is designed carefully, according to web standards, the appearance of every page can be changed with a single stylesheet. This is powerful stuff. Pages load faster, mobile devices can be supported, and the creative possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to redesign an entire site without touching any of the HTML pages!

Take a look at this example, then switch back to normal.

The Concept

Inspired by the famous CSS Zen Garden, this ongoing event will give designers a chance to showcase their talents. The competition is open to anyone with graphic design skills and an understanding of CSS. Sign up as a member of Linkatopia and create a "theme" for your page. If your design is selected, we will host it in our upcoming Themes Gallery. You'll get full credit of course and your page will be displayed using your design. Each member will have the option of selecting your design as their "default" theme that loads each time they visit Linkatopia.

Regardless of whether you submit a design to us or not, you can still create a stylesheet and use it for your own page. You must host the stylesheet and all of its image files yourself. Test your stylesheet like this:

Get Started

To help you get started, we made a heavily commented version of our default stylesheet for you to copy. We also have this handy CSS Quick Reference for you.

The Details

Your job will be to make a single stylesheet to replace the one currently used for this site. Stylesheets we accept will become official designs and will be listed in our "Themes Gallery" and in each member's profile preferences.

  • We have a sample stylesheet that is heavily commented to help you.
  • All files must reside on your own server. If we accept your design, we will archive your files on our server. You retain the copyright on all of your artwork.
  • If we really like your design, we may want to hire you.
  • Keep in mind that this is a public web site, intended for many different audiences. Any and all offensive designs will be rejected. That being said, you are perfectly welcome to create any stylesheet you wish for your own use.
  • Please do not submit designs themed around a person, singer, actor, or any famous celebrity.
  • We cannot display another company's logo or trademark without their express written permission. If you are the owner of a trademark and wish to promote your company on Linkatopia with a cool looking theme, we welcome you!

We encourage the following:

  • Seasonal themes: spring, summer, fall, winter.
  • Nature themes: leaves, flowers, rocks, trees, etc.
  • Minimal themes: shades of a single color, small accents, etc.
  • Travel themes: different countries, regions, continents, etc.
  • High Tech themes: cables, wires, 3D elements, chrome, etc.
  • Color themes: gothic, urban chic, art deco, art nouveau, etc.
  • Imagination: come up with something bizarre that works with lists of links.

Entries will be reviewed as time permits. Obviously, as more designs are submitted it will take longer to review each one. We'll probably have a blog about designs at some point.

Please contact us if you have any questions or a design you want us to consider.


Example Themes

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