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Professional HD video production equipment rentals. We have HD cameras, lenses, tripods, heads, microphones, audio gear, lights, dollies, jibs, underwater housings, still cameras, monitors, recorders, grip gear and expendables.

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video production

Production Props, Miami Florida - Production gear for Commercials, Features, Doc
Welcome to the home of South Florida's largest selection of Production Props. We have vintage cameras, 35mm cameras, large and medium format cameras, video production gear, old electronic gear, and all kinds of other props for your set.
  | Aug 23, 2009
David Haylock - Google Profile
Google profile for David Haylock and Budget Video
  | Aug 17, 2009
David Haylock - Producer, Director, Cinematographer - Miami, Florida
David Haylock, an award-winning film producer, director, cinematographer, and videographer has established a reputation for excellence under pressure and the ability to deliver top quality film, video, and high definition images.
  | Aug 17, 2009
Budget Video Repair - Professional Video Camera Repair
We've been renting video production equipment since 1972 and we've always repaired our own equipment in-house because we couldn't wait weeks to get a camera back from somewhere else. If you've rented from us, you already know our commitment to service.
  | Aug 17, 2009
Budget Video Rentals - Professional Video and Audio Equipment Rentals
We Ship Cameras + Lights + Audio + Grip Anywhere in the World... 24 / 7 / 365!

Fedex, UPS, direct airline transportation, and couriers can put anything in our catalog in your hands... the same day or next day. No rental fees for shipping time.
  | Jul 27, 2009
Budget High Definition Multi-Camera Rentals, Miami Florida
Budget Video Rentals Multi-Camera Division has a wide variety of high definition (and even standard definition) camera packages that are set up for multi-camera operations - either switched, iso, or both.
  | Jul 22, 2009
Dubs and Dupes
Standards Conversion, DVD and CD Duplication, Replication and Authoring. Convert any format to anything.
  | Jul 21, 2009
Tape Stock After Hours
Same Day Delivery of DVCam, Mini DV, DVC Pro, HDCAM, XDCAM, Betacam SP, and more.
  | Jul 20, 2009
Budget Grip and Lighting Rentals, Miami Florida - Film and Video Production gear
Budget Video's division for grip and lighting equipment rentals. Rent Kino Flo, Dedolite, ARRI, Litepanels, Matthews Dollies, Roundy Round Dolly, generators, magliners, and more.
  | Jul 20, 2009