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Owner and broker of Mollie McClure Meyers Inc. We have 20 agents specializing in beach and waterfront properties in South Florida, Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Call 954-566-2974 or

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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare: Act 3. Scene II
  | Aug 19, 2008
Art of War by SunTzu [SunZi] -English Hypertext
  | Jul 23, 2007
"The Way to Love", Anthony De Mello
This is a great little pocket sized book containing a number of meditations that teach you not to be consumed by the desire for material possessions, recognition, or attention.
  | Jul 3, 2006 The Prophet (Kahlil Gibran Pocket Library Series): Books: Kahlil Gib
  | Jul 3, 2006